Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bridger skis powder for the first time, and his father cries tears of joy

B has been enrolled in a ten week ski school this year, and had a five week ski program run by his regular school.  He started this year as essentially a non-skier, but in less than six weeks and about 10 days skiing, he has progressed to being able to ski anywhere on the mountain. 

We went up on Saturday with the idea that I would drop him off at lessons and then ski with my friend Jeff.  Well, I missed a memo.  No lesson for B on Pres Day Weekend.  Six to twelve inches of snow, and I'm stuck with a six year old.

It was probably the best ski day I've ever had.  This video was filmed early in the day, and he was about 10x better three hours later.  I drug him all over the mountain, and he tore it up.  He's hooked on skiing in general, and powder in particular.