Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been gone for a while.....

Sorry for the lack of posts-life has caught up with me, and I am out of poop stories.  Hopefully I will get a few more soon.  I have been temporarily inspired though, and I think I am going to try to post more frequently on the things I see that are uniquely Portland or just plain strange wherever you are.  I believe I will start these posts with this one.

It was awkward to get a pic of two people making out, but trust me, they were unaware of the world around them.  Where were these lovebirds during their tryst?  Well, the coffee shop at Whole Foods, of course!  We stopped in at 5pm to get some stuff and ended up building big, healthy, and entirely unsatisfying salads to eat in their cafe.  As an aside, I have eaten a small plate of nachos and some chocolate milk since dinner in an attempt to fill the void.

On to Billy Bob and Angelina in the pic.  He was a grubby hairy dude, and so was she.  The pic looks like they may have been enjoying a simple kiss; oh no.  It was a full-on makeout session, with tons of tongue, caresses of the face, and some inappropriate touching.  We skipped out only moments before a game of "Just the Tip" most likely broke out.  I'm sure he was about to lay her down on that uncomfortable looking bench and get busy.  It was gross, but also really funny.  My bride and I traded jokes for a good long time.  She is convinced they were on ecstasy- I wonder if other users of X know how awesome the espresso bar at Whole Foods is for a good session of heavy petting in front of tons of old people and their kids?

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