Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Sex and the City Star Wars for Women?

I heard someone mention this on television the other day, and it spurred some thinking on my part.  First off, let me say this- my wife used to watch the series, so I absorbed it via osmosis as well.  I didn't hate it- it was well made, clever, and the acting was fine.  It was, however, geared toward women (shocker!!).  So I could recognize that it was good, but it held my attention for exactly five seconds.  I am really not interested in anything that is geared towards the X chromosome, as I am clearly an Alpha Male.  Make that THE Alpha Male.

So, women love the show.  And men love Star Wars.  I immediately began trying to draw parralels between the two shows.  The following is what I came up with.

Every women lives vicariously through Carrie Bradshaw; an attractive single woman with a great job/ great friends/ great apartment/ great clothes, and she lives in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.  That is a pretty unrealistic character.  Get real, ladies.
On the other hand, men are much more realistic; every man wants to be Han Solo, a swash-buckling space pirate with great friends, the fu#&ing Millenium Falcon, and the opportunity to save the Rebel Alliance from the Dark Forces. The creators of Sex and the City (which I shall abbreviate as SATC from now on) blatantly ripped off George Lucas.  Bad move, as I bet Lucas is a

So, let's see where the SATC folks got their inspiration when they created the characters, shall we?
First off,

Was clearly patterned after

I initially tried to make her into Luke Skywalker, but it just doesn't work.  I have to confess- I have always thought Luke was a bit whiny.  So Leia it is.  She is the real glue in the Rebel Alliance anyway, so this is a huge compliment to Carrie Bradshaw, which she frankly doesn't fully deserve.  Oh well. 

Is supposed to be:

I really struggled with this; Boba Fett is, in my opinion, the coolest dude in Star Wars.  He is also very much a bad guy, as evidenced by his capture and freezing in carbon of Han Solo.  He worked for Darth Vader and Jabba the Hut for goodness sake!  He was the ultimate intergalactic Bounty Hunter.  I'm guessing he had the first BMF wallet ever made.  So, why am I comparing Samantha, Carrie's friend, to the guy that tried to kill Han Solo?  Because she wrote that creepy sex book for women with her now ex husband with thirty different creepy ways to enjoy anal.  That's why.
Moving on.
is most likely

Why? Shiny but whiny.  C3PO is super annoying, as was Charlotte.  At least he spoke several hundred languages. 


That's right, Chewbacca- the loyal and fierce friend of Han Solo.  Miranda is gruff and unpleasant, and most likely smells a bit like soup.  Perfect.

Which leaves us with just one more:
That's right, the only true swashbuckler of the whole SATC crew.  Every other male character was at least partially a total sack of wuss.  Keep in mind, I have a hard time comparing anyone to Han- he is one of the greatest action heroes ever written for film.  But, I guess Mr. Big is as close as we are going to get on this post. 


Mr. French


  1. this is hilarious and actually quite accurate. congratulations.

  2. ok, i will admit it. i think you are quite funny...12 years of marriage i can say this. funny...but do we need this type of language? you are a father for goodness sake! xoxo t

  3. Uhhh, I love this. And btw: chicks love Star Wars too, Mr. French.

  4. Mr. French,

    Radd here. Your thoughts on the following:

    Miranda = Mon Mothma (Google Images comparison explains this);
    Stanford = Salacious Crump (obviously)
    Steve = Admiral Akbar (googly-eyed, funny voice, reliable)
    Aiden = Luke (a little too nice, whiny, ultimately rejected for Han/Big)

  5. shut up! too funny! and as to Mr. J.W. Weatherman above: impressed, obviously you know a bit more about satc! not sure many guys would know sandford! :D

  6. So funny! And I am with Shannon above, I adore star wars ( albeit I say "adore" when perhaps a guy would choose "f*ckin love it". :) Traci? don't worry about his language, he can NOT out curse me. ( yeah, that's right Mr. French, I threw down the gauntlet! Whatchyou got?) ;) And the SW comparisons, spot on. Although, I concur, no ONE can compare with Han.

  7. Perfect! I am not always huge Sex/City fan...way too practical for that frivilous spending, but we have a houseful of Star Wars obsessed boys so I like the mix.

    I found your wives blog via friends who thought it was my blog...we have a lot in common and my life mantra is Follow you Bliss...anyways I will show your page to my dear hubbie as it's rather inspiring. Your post on cologne made me chuckle as he has one twelve year old bottle of Tommy Hilstinker eau de toilette from before we had kids that is 3/4 full and probably rank by now.


  8. ok! again, no drinking beer when I read your posts. My belly hurts from laughing so much.