Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's time we got a little direction around here...

OK, so I have been thinking.  I can't come up with amusing anecdotes 5x per week; I am far and away too boring.  I have a plan, and here it is- every weekday will have a theme, and I will try to post something in line with that theme.  I most likely will stick to this plan 46% of the time.  The rest of the time will just be potty humor.  Here are my themes:

Monday- Stuff I find amusing.  It will be mostly true.  Names will NOT be changed to protect the innocent.

Tuesday- Travel ideas.  I hate Vegas, so don't worry.  I have been to Branson numerous times as a child, along with DollyWorld.  We saw a guy in a "Pull My Finger" T-shirt with a hole cut out around his bellybutton in DollyWorld.  Expect lots of adventurous trips, and a good bit of snow.

Wednesday- "Well Fed Wednesday;"  I like to cook, and am a bit more adventurous than your average guy.  I can count red velvet cake and home-made strawberry rhubarb pie as notches on my belt, so step off and show some respect!

Thursday- Things you should buy your significant other.  My angle here is to eventually get some free stuff, so help me out. 

Friday- Random amusing thoughts.  By Friday I will be gasping for air.  I hope to send you into the weekend with an entertaining post that shows my amazing wit and off-limits virility. 

Mr. French

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  1. Cant wait to read more! You always brighten my day!