Sunday, April 10, 2011

Darth Vader Wears a Pashmina

 A week ago I finally convinced my bride our son was ready to begin watching the Star Wars movies- we had a Friday Movie Night (complete with popcorn) and watched Episode 1; The Phantom Menace.  A great time was had by the boy and I, and the wife found it tolerable. 

 Watching the movie spurred another round of Star Wars infatutation- as seen in the pic above.  Which led to an interesting statement from five-year-old Bridger today- as I was helping him get his costume on, he said "Darth Vader has a pashmina" in reference to the cape attached to the costume.  How does he know what a pashmina is?  How do I? 
It's a scarf.  Or a shawl.  Or a serape.  But on Vader, it is definitely a bad-ass cape.

I blame my wife for filling his head with fashion.

Mr. F


  1. My husband watched Star Wars with our daughters this year ( 1 is also 5). I've been gathering Star Wars related things of the net for a May the 4th Post... letting my inner geek shine :)

  2. ahhh yes... my nephews and i watched it. my nieces are more about music.

    many wonderous things can be a bad ass cape.