Monday, March 28, 2011

The Curse Has Lifted!

You probably don't know how we ended up out in Portland- my wife is a city girl and I am a mountain guy.  I love to ski; it is literally the only non-carnal thing in the world I could do every single day.  Portland was our compromise that attempted to satisfy both our needs.  That's not me in the pic, by the way.

For the last five years, I have been a season pass holder at Mount Hood Meadows, the largest and gnarliest ski area of the five on Mount Hood.  For you Colorado snobs, Meadows is the size of Copper Mountain, and gets a ton of snow.  Granted, it is really heavy, wet goo- but we get 500 inches or so a year.  I have averaged about 10-15 days a year of late, but this year has sucked royal ass- new baby, getting sick, kids getting sick, and shitty weather have conspired to keep me at home.  I have been a grand total of four days, and the conditions have sucked for three of them.  Well, Sunday was the fourth, and we finally hit the jackpot.  Thirty five inches of snow over the last four days and a new ski bud added up to a great day.  we got in early and made the first chair, and didn't cross another track for the first two runs.  Mount Hood has pretty extreme weather- usually if it is snowing, the visibility is horrible and the wind is howling- not so on Sunday.  Just steady snow and light wind.  We skied the bowls, a ton of trees, and I even dropped a small cornice (my feet usually stay on the ground).  All in all, one of the five best ski days ever.  Thank you to the wife for letting me slip out on the weekend. 

I have a pretty solid case of "wooden leg" today, and doing a ton of squats here today didn't help.

Mr. F


  1. Huzzah! I went thru a FIVE YEAR dry spell until a few weeks ago when we hit Kirkwood and I got 2 days of sweet turns in...fantastic, even if it was Sierra cement! (i grew up in SLC with powder 25 minutes from my door...hence my reluctance in any other place I've lived to trudge four hours for 'subpar' snow. I was a total snob...but now I've come to my senses and I've got snow fever again)

    P.S. Yay for skiing!

  2. Thank goodness! does that mean the "ski curse" talk can stop?