Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Illness, Charlie Sheen, and Chicken Enchiladas

I am on the road to recovery. I sweated through the sheets last night, which is super gross.  An average male of our species would have been laid low for over two weeks, if not permanently disfigured.  Once again, my super powers prevailed, and I am left only with an annoying cough.  At least it does produce some quality phlegm.  I love that word, by the way. 

It's getting a bit exploitive to have Ol' Charlie on the tube every day.  Next time you see him in an interview, change the station.  He is a sad case, and is headed for disaster.  Don't be part of the target market.

I am fixin' (I used to live in Texas and Mississippi, so I can use fixin') to make some chicken enchiladas tonight.  Wish me luck.

Mr. F


  1. one question - flour or corn?

    and yes, charlie's been off my watch list since he's started this bizarre pr campaign

  2. thank you so much....i've been feeling the same way about Charlie Sheen. i'm sick of people making jokes about him while they watch him slowly and publicly commits suicide.

  3. how do you escape him...he's EVERYWHERE...