Monday, March 7, 2011

Mission Creep.

"Mission Creep" is a term used in military operations to describe a mission that continues to expand well beyond its original intent, quickly becoming unrecognizable from its initial focus.  We had a little of that around the French house on Sunday. 

My bride decided we should move the couch and clean the rug under it.  At least that is what I heard her say.  This would have involved:

1. Move couch
2. Clean rug

What she meant was:

1. Move the couch.
2. Clean the rug
3. Clean the rug pad
4. Mop the floor
5. Flip the rug 180 degrees
6. Clean the dead bugs out of the lamp
7. Disassemble the six piece entertainment center.  Stand there while she decides what pieces will still be used.
8. Move table out of hall and use as entertainment stand
9. Clean table
10. Reroute AV cords
11. Move dining room table to edge of family room
12. Move kids shit to new "playroom"
13. Sort CDs/DVDs
14. Throw away/put away tons of stuff
15. Sulk

It was a lot of work, but it looks good.  Mrs. French knows her way around decorating.  I am off to another scintillating round of "Plants vs Zombies" while she watches crap on television.

Mr F

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