Monday, March 21, 2011

This is definitely our last child.

This is the face I saw when I came into her room 30 minutes into what should have been a three hour nap.  That is pretty much the standard for her.  This is a baby that apparently only needs 3 hours of sleep per week.  She is now waking up about 4 times per night, and has consistently been a horrible napper since she was born.  In spite of that, she is pretty sweet- look at that face.  It was pretty hard to be angry that she was up early when she busted out a smile like that.  Our first was soooo easy, we assumed we had it all figured out- but Lui has thrown us for a serious loop. 

It is most likely common knowledge I desperately wanted another boy, as I was pretty vocal in expressing my opinion.  I have changed my mind now.  I want a Lui.  But I want her to freakin' sleep.

Mr. French


  1. a smile that melt the world ... and the grumpiest of all parents - well, say if that were me.

  2. Oh -- I feel your pain, because we lived it! Almost exactly. It'll get better in a year, or so -- if that helps any! ;)

  3. oh goodness! isn't she the most adorable thing...easy to say, since at this very moment she is sleeping peacefully...