Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feed Your Damn Self

I'll get to the food stuff in a moment.  I snapped this photo as I rolled through the light at NE 15th Ave and Fremont today.  I was doing about 30 (as fast as the law would allow) and saw him running up to the intersection.  I knew he was going to be a red light jog-in-placer.  I was right.  I can't decide if this amuses or annoys me- I guess it is amusement, as I get very excited when I see some dumbass jog in place for 30 seconds.  I love it.  Plus, the photo is pretty ok considering the geometry involved and shitty quality of the iPhone3 camera. 

I haven't cooked anything of note this week.  Get off your asses and make your own food.  You know, Eskimos get pushed onto floating ice when they can't chew their own blubber any longer.  I'm just saying. 

I am in the midst of a torrid affair with the Banh Mi sandwich.  If you haven't tried this little jewel, go to any Vetnamese bakery or restaurant and check it out.  A really, really nice fusion of French and Asian (which is what Vietnamese food is of course).  I was at the aforementioned intersection because I was heading to Foster and Dobbs, a fancy charcuterie and cheese place that makes both a Banh Mi and a mole salami sandwich that my wife likes.  They are $7.50/each.  They sell many fine meats and cheeses, and the place smells lovely.
I have a "secret" Banh Mi place that sells them for $2.50.  The bride is convinced the meat there is nothing but beaks and taints, but she is wrong.  As a matter of fact, my "secret" place throws away the french rolls every three hours in order to insure freshness.  It also sells weird Asian juices like (I shit you not) artichoke and watercress.  Artichoke juice is not lovely. 

I must go make a living, so see ya later.

Mr F


  1. so glad they throw the bread away every 3 hours...what is the expiration date on hooves and anuses? just saying! xo t

  2. true story, once i saw a group of college age runners come up to a red light and they each engaged in a different type of dumb red light behavior...the stretch, the jog-in-place, the shoe re-tie, the watch stop/start, the pulse was like a skit.

  3. That would be the most awesome picture ever. I would make a calendar of them, with each red light jogger getting his or her own month. In December we would finally get to see the whole group.