Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh Nate, how did you fall so far?

I happen to think Six Feet Under was one of the greatest television series ever, slightly ahead of The Wire, and in a dead heat with The Sopranos.  Unfortunately, poor Nate has fallen hard.  First he did that horrible series with Donald Sutherland and the Baldwin (Billy?) with the tight face that married the gal from Wilson Phillips.  This one.

Not this one.

That show failed quickly.  Poor Nate.  David went and became Dexter, and avoided being typecast in my eyes.  He even married his creepy costar to prove he wasn't really gay.  

So now Nate in is Parenthood, Tuesdays at 10 on NBC.  My wife loves the show, and even says she wants their fake family to adopt her.  I say Parenthood (while well acted) is the least original most derivativemostpredictablemost horseshitmost cliche show produced in the last 10 years.  Yikes, I can practically predict the ending to their phony problems in the first five minutes of every show by simply inserting the Parenthood variables into the following formula:

White Guilt-Interfamily Personality Conflict+ Pixie Dust- Common Sense= Bullshit Feel Good Wrapup

So I guess I'm saying I don't like this show to a degree I can't really explain.

Mr. F


  1. Sadly, always one actor gets screwed from being on an awesome show. Nate is that actor. I predict the same fate for Meadow, though.

  2. i liked the steve martin/mary steenburgen/dianne weist version so much better. i can even forgive the account from ghostbusters for being such a sappy character because if love steve and dianne so much.

  3. exaggerate much? get a life mr. french. xo t