Friday, February 25, 2011

I need a casual makeover

I was driving down the street today, and I spotted one of the many panhandlers making a living in Portland.  This particular fella was nattily attired, and I was a bit jealous. 

Picture this guy, but in a North Face jacket. khakis, and with a scruffy beard.  OK, maybe don't picture this guy.  Instead try this:

The Duderino, but dressed slightly better.  That is more like it.  I love Jeff Bridges and The Big Lebowski.  I had a dream that we went to a movie last night and sitting behind us were Mr. Bridges, Clint Eastwood, and Paul Newman.  They invited our son to sit with them.  Trippy.  But what a collection of macho awesomeness. 

Back to the subject- when panhandlers have a deeper closet than I do, it is time for some new threads.  I suspect the next few months may be seeing a trip to J. Crew/ The Rack.  It isn't usually all that fun trying to find clothes to fit someone shaped like a barrel.  

Mr. French  

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