Friday, February 18, 2011

When Animals Fight...

Our setups so far have been pretty pedestrian. This week we "take it up a notch."  I once flew with a guy with the nickname "Notch."  How he got that nickname is the topic for a very, very off-color post of its own. 

Here we go!

Mandrill Monkey.  Ours has no teeth, and prosthetic boxing gloves instead of hands (paws?)

Two Golden Eagles

Adult Python (without asian kid).  Why do people have pet snakes?  Do tell.
Adult skunk 

doing battle in a

15' diameter igloo.  This guy is the only one with a ticket to watch.

Toothless mandrill monkey w/ boxing-glove prosthetic hands vs. mature python, two adult golden eagles, and a skunk-- in large (15' diameter) early-spring igloo.  Ask your questions now, but remember; only one shall survive.  I have to thank Radd for the setup, although we differ on the outcome.  I feel Radd's Liberal Arts education did not give him the same depth of knowledge in animal husbandry as I have.  after all, my father has a degree in Poultry Science.  No lie.

Mr. F


  1. well, now i'm second guessing but...i'm going with the snake. but i also know that once he eats something then he will be out for a while. the eagles can't fly away. the baboon has no teeth. ack! but now i want the eagles to win

  2. well, the python will be awfully lethargic in an igloo, but MIGHT work up the energy to constrict and eat the skunk. in the struggle the skunk will spray..perhaps disabling/blinding one of the eagles. the mandrill is pretty pissed because he's cold & hungry and a stupid little black furry thing just stunk up the joint. he will commence shrieking and pounding all within the igloo. i think one eagle will escape the igloo, thus disqualifying it.

    i'm going with mandrill as the winner...he also wins Best Makeup.