Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Greatest Photo Ever Taken?

I would have to answer with an emphatic "YES!"  Look closer.  Indeed it is what you think.  It is potty humor day.  A friend of mine had a fridge magnet with this picture on it, which was more awesome than Stretch Armstrong. 

Here is my hockey vomit story- when I was twelve, we were on a hockey trip and one of the parents had driven their RV.  For those of you that have parents that did not get to live the glamorous hockey parent lifestyle, we played 80+ games in 4.5 months every year from age 9-14; do the math.  You are never home.  Anyhow, between games, a group of players and parents had gathered on the RV to eat and socialize.  At some point, one of the player's 5 year old little brother ran on the bus screaming, "I have diarrhea!"  He then pulled his pants down and shat on the carpet walkway next to the RV dinner table that also undoubtedly turns into a bed.  Less than 30 seconds later, another little brother (maybe 6) ran on, nearly stepped in the poo, and screamed, "poop!"  Then he vomited right on top of the poop.  And scene.


Mr French


  1. That is AMAZING. The story and the photo. But the story is truly awesome.

  2. Awesome. I love potty humor...perhaps a bit too much :)