Friday, February 4, 2011

When Animals Fight; Round 2

Oh, if only it were that simple.  Polar Bear versus Great White, to the death.  Here is the setup:

Adult male polar bear, 5 years old, 1350 pounds.  Healthy and hungry.
Adult great white shark, 4000 pounds, healthy and hungry.

The arena:

A SeaWorld-style dolphin pool, with a flat bottom and a 3 foot elevated platform all the way around the perimeter.  The platform is 6 inches below the waters surface.  Here is the kicker- the water is 3.5 feet deep throughout the pool. 
The 4000 pound shark has enough room laterally to turn around and to swim around the perimeter.  When standing upright, the water level is at mid-thigh on the bear. 
The water temp is 55F.  The air temp is 30F. 

Can the bear use the platform to his advantage?  Can the shark maneuver its bulk in only 3.5 feet of water?  Can the bear find ways to offset the sharks much greater mass?

I guess we will see, won't we?  Don't think too much, or maybe you should?  Hmmmmm.......

Have a good weekend,

Mr. F


  1. For the third time, I'll try to leave a comment on this one. Not sure why I'm incapable of doing so. To me, this one ends in mutual destruction. One rake to the gills and the shark dies a bloody death by suffocation. The low water levels almost ensure that this occurs. With that said, the a shark is a shark. He takes a significant chunk out of the polar bears leg in the exchange. Unless the white bear has unknown medical skills and access to a level 2 trauma center, he bleeds out slowly, like Robert Jordan on the hills overlooking Franco's approaching forces.

  2. Well, I hate to split hairs, but the shark was never going to walk out of this anyway- they don't have legs.

  3. easy. bear. paws over jaws. indeed the bear might suffer injury or lose a limb, but that will only make him mad (think of the panserbjørn of svalbard)...but the real clincher here is that sharks can't swim backwards, so must at some point it must turn away from the bear to regroup or to refresh its gills or to spit out all the fur, the bear then pounces, mauls, slices, and munches the shark.