Monday, February 14, 2011

I would not be your favorite little Valentine today.....

I know it isn't Wednesday, but I did a little baking today, and the results are noteworthy.  Back in November, I made my dear wife a red velvet cake for her birthday.  It turned out ugly looking but delicious.

  I got the recipe for that one from the lady that owns this; check it out.  She knows her stuff.  I don't.  Here is the whole sordid story of my latest baking endeavour. 

I told my son that we would make red velvet cupcakes for my bride; the day got really, really busy, and I decided to stop in to Saint Cupcake and grab a few instead of baking.  When we got home at 5:30, my bride said she wished we would have baked them instead.  I felt like a lazy bastard, so I decided to head out to the store for baking stuff.  That is where the fun began. Before I left, measured out cake flour in two bowls to see if we had enough.  We did.  I left for the store (a total zoo) and quickly got all I needed except for the red food coloring- I needed 6 tablespoons, which is a lot.  I went to three stores, and the last straw was Whole Foods, were I got a three pack of red, blue, and yellow die that cost over $11.  It was about $4 at the other two stores.  Man, I hate Whole Foods sometimes (How can a grocery store not sell Coke?).

Once home, I got cracking, and things moved along quickly.  When it came time to add the die, I realized I had half as much as I thought, and that red, blue, and yellow mix into baby-shit brown colored cake. 

  It really does look pooperific.  After they went into the oven,  I looked around on the counter and realized I had only mixed in 2 cups of flour rather than 3.5.  I saw the bowl sitting there, judging me.

This is what happens to flour that judges me; it gets its ass thrown in the garbage.  The first batch went in the garbage as well after coming out looking like the picture at the top of the post.  I figured I could add the flour to the rest of the batter, and get better results.  So I did, and ended up with this.

Horrible.  They went in the garbage as well.  I fucking hate baking.

Mr. French

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  1. a for effort? for the record, i love to cook - i hate baking. it calls for a precision that makes cooking look like a breeze.